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Freelance Publications:

Review of “The Silver Lake ” by Fiona Patton. SF Revu.com, November 2005.

Review of “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town ” by Cory Doctorow. SF Revu.com, July 2005.  http://sfrevu.com/Review-id.php?id=2853

“Shell Shocked: The Turtle Club is a Nice Surprise on the River”. The Toledo City Paper, May 25-31 2005, 11. http://www.toledocitypaper.com/ae/citydiner052505.html

"People:James Hackley of Orbcomm". Ghostwritten for Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology, Aug./Sept. 2000, (8)#5,128-130. Contact me for the text of this article.

Scientific Publications:

“Incidental Detection of Skeletal Uptake on Sestamibi Cardiac Images in a Patient With Previously Undiagnosed Multiple Myeloma”.  Clinical Nuclear Medicine, March 2000, (25),#3, 213-214. Contact me for the text of this article

“Incidental Detection of a Malignant Hurthle Cell Carcinoma by Tc-99m Sestamibi Cardiac Imaging”. Clinical Nuclear Medicine, May 2000, (25)#6, 469-70. Contact me for the text of this article

Collegiate and Prior Experience:

Poetry published in University of Toledo Annual Glass Review, 1997

Editor-in-chief, copy editor, reporter, and photographer, Panther Press (high school paper), 1990-1993

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