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ask me!)
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Ad space/trade. Also Props (masks, hats, costumes etc.) Email me if you are interested in trading ad spaces.  Propwise, I'm particularly looking for: a motorcycle/bike helmet, a sword cane, scientific glassware, military uniforms, an industrial-pocketed worker apron (dirt and holes in pockets are fine), shoji screens and paper lanterns, floor table and under-table heaters, (any) period houseware or clothing, fake Tiffany lamps, (particularly animal and monster) masks and claw gloves, hats, wigs, cosplay stuff of soooo many varieties, airbrush or stage makeup/supplies, airbrush nail polish/supplies, stencils, and henna recipe/pattern books.

Books Long list at bottom of page.  Have something on the same topic?  Ask!

Misc. Belly/ME Dance. Looong list at bottom of page.  Let me know what you've got! 

Japanese/kimono/manga/anime/cartoon stuff:
Geisha by Liza Dalby,  Geisha: a Life (Mineko Iwasaki)
The Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon (translated to English, please!)
The Tale of the Heike (translated to English, please!)
Gossamer Years: the Diary of a Noblewoman of Heian Japan (likewise)
Kimono, obi, tabi or associated accessories.  Boxwood combs, geta, obi/hair-styling books, etc.

Tea ceremony books, tea bowls, tools. Go Boards, stones, stone bowls, books.

Hello Kitty/Sanrio stuff, Nyanko Burger stuff, other anime toys.

Manga or anime on DVD (no pirate productions or copies!) let me know what you've got! Esp: R.O.D. the TV series, Wolf's Rain (2+), Descendents of Darkness (3+), Love Hina (3+)
Stuff/swag from any of the above or: Daria, Action Girl, Futurama, Strangers in Paradise, Bone, RL, PvP, MT, PA, other webcomics, or Sci-Fi series.  If you're the creator, let me know where to link credit for the threads!

Order a Bellygram (Toledo area only)

Prop or photo help also appreciated.  Ask!

Misc. vintage-type stuff:
Masks, hats, costumes, and any good trenchcoat.
Size 8.5-9.5 (narrow if possible) ladies’ swing/ballroom shoes
Fountain or blown-glass pens, working pocket watches, stop watches, and old compasses
The Shadow radio show tapes or paperbacks.  Really, any pulp spy or action novels.

Dido’s ‘No Angel’ CD
Keeping the Faith soundtrack
Squirrel Nut Zippers (newer than Bedlam Ballroom)

Lois and Clark series on VHS or DVD

Art supplies (leftovers from kits ok): acrylic or lacquer paints, airbrush hoses, watercolors, fountain pen inks, fabric paints, stage/airbrush makeup, polymer clay, gold/silver leaf materials, wire, short or long-set epoxy.

Electronics (Used ok, but working): TV, VCR, PS2, DVD player, stereo or speakers.  We're poor.

Michigan or Bristol Renn. Faire tickets/day-comp passes/food tickets for this summer

Beef or venison jerky, or venison summer sausage or meat cuts if you're local-area.  Mrmm, tasty stuff.

Seedling plants: orchids, bonsai (just about any tree will do), berry plants (esp. currant or blueberry!) or fruit/nut trees, ivy, porthos, or shamrocks.

Photographic equipment:
Nikon AF lenses, MF bodies, Darkroom equipment, color enlarger.
Note: only after verifying function in person. Sorry if you're outside my radius, but it's gotta work!

Keep looking!  More below!

Books- used condition is ok, as long as it's legible and not missing pages:
Photography books by: A. Liebowitz, Maria Steigel, Jodi Cobb.
Intermediate/advanced darkroom instruction texts.
    Books on chess or Go. 

Getting Things Just Right (by that guy from Ohayocon... grrr.  Gotta look that up.)
Books on metallurgy/mokume gane/Go/Japanese history/myth/culture/traditional dress and hairstyling/geisha/tea ceremony. Especially Geisha by Liza Dalby and Modern Samurai Society.
Blue Ginger (an East-meets-west cookbook)

It’s OK, you’re a brat (Susan Jeffers).       Families of 2 (Laura Carroll)
"Manga" an antique book of Hokusai's Manga by James Michener.  I kid you not.

Fiction:The Family Trade by Charles Stross            Carrie Pilby
The Mango Season             John Strange and Mr. Norell Hillary Fields' novels, newer than Marrying Jezebel
The Bride’s Kimono (Sujata Massey)
2005 or 2004 Writer's Guide, Photographer's Guide, or style manuals less than 3 years old.
Books by Christina Dodd or Stephanie Laurens
So much manga: Basara (10+), Marmalade Boy (7+), One, I.N.V.U., Blade of the Immortal, Courtney Crumrin (4+), Shutterbox (3+), RK, Here is Greenwood (2+), Samurai Deeper Kyo - heck, just let me know what you have.

Webcomic books: Real Life book (I need to gift a few people), Scott Cloud's second book, many of the PvP books, Red String books.

Old pulp spy or action novels.

ME/costume related stuff:
Belly dance music, videos/DVDs (no dubs, copies, or anything else that violates copyright law and cheats the artists!)
Tabla/doumbek instructional materials. An inlaid tambourine.
Fabric, beaded fringe, coins, beads, bells, patterns, costuming books (or other BD costuming books)
Ren Faire garb (guys and gals). Also fairy wings, wigs.