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Welcome to the Staff page- a little information about the GB crew's characters and their players.

 Julie Hunter, grad student, TA, cashier, photographer.  She enjoys sleeping, fencing, video games, and her daily dose of webcomics.s.

Played by Chris Fisher

Lori Averitt, Julie's roommate.  She paints, she works somewhere, and she busts Julie's chops when required, which is far too often.  Oh yeah, and she and Julie have a hard time keeping downstairs neighbors...

Played by Holly Dombkowski

Mary, the Home Stuff HR lady.  Like most long-term retail workers, she enjoys going home, eating dinner, and forgetting about the store until the next morning.

Played by Mary Lyn

Rollo, Julie and Lori's chinchilla.  He's primarily  interested in raisins and obtaining his freedom.

"Robe" Robert Giraud.  He works at Home Stuff for the discount on art supplies for his chosen medium and does set construction with Holly.  Don't call him Robert.

Played by Stephen Hayward.

Frank, the warehouse manager.  He has a troublesome dramatic idiom and (just possibly) even a mysterious past.

Played by Hank Povolny

 Jack Robin.  Security guard, Lori's friend.

Played by Adam Rough.

Alex, no-nonsense head cashier at Home Stuff.

Played by Amanda Cuprys

Other strange creatures/Igor/jedi:

probably played by Chris or doctored from Faire pictures.

Cami, Lori and Holly's friend. She works at the local movie theatre.

Played by Natalie Bostelman