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Paypal is the only means I have for accepting credit card payments, but I do pass on the 5% fee ($1.00 fee minimum).  Cash, M.O., and check with photo ID accepted.

Welcome to the CF Creative Services Photography
 (Capture the Moment Photography by Chris) home page

Photography services offered: Weddings, group, and individual portraits, event coverage, pet photography, clubs. Inside or outdoors, take advantage of over 7 years' experience getting natural smiles! My cozy home studio avoids the dreaded Scary Dark Studio freakout.

December, 2005: My studio has moved!
Actually, I have moved to the Silicon Valley area of California.  My studio will reopen in January of 2006.  Thanks, Toledo!

All images © Christine Fisher, 2005. Use prohibited without permission. All rights reserved.

Fun fact: I took a photography class in 8th grade, mostly (I suspect) because Iíd been entranced from an early age with my Dadís Pentax 35 mm.  One of our projects was to document a process.  Soup preparation was my topic, and I just couldnít prevent myself from posing the chicken in the background of each of the vegetable preparation shots.  It did the can-can.

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My wedding philosophy:
A friend once said that if there was a wedding hamburger, it would cost $100 and you wouldn't get it your way. I hate that vulture attitude, so I don't do it to others.

By nature, I'm of the people-safari-style: very unobstrusive except for posed shots agreed upon in advance. You're there to celebrate with your loved ones. I'm there to record those memories, not get in their way.

The advantages of my no-overpriced-package, no-nonsense photo pricing (yes, even for weddings!):

Unlike most other photographers, I charge a straight fee based on my time and the event/venue's complexity. You reimburse me for the exact cost of film and developing on a schedule that spreads out your expenses (digital services also available). You determine the number of rolls of film, giving you a lot more control. You own your negatives, so you can order prints whenever you want for exactly what it costs to print them. You won't need to find me later or get stuck with packages plumped up with unwanted prints. Iíll number your proofs to match your negatives and pick out a small booklet of best-picks to get you started. I can recommend mail-based companies for great enlargements that don't break the bank.

Travel fees apply unless I happen to be visiting an area. Luckily, I have access to friendsí lodgings in Chicago, D.C., Toledo, Detroit, and Indianapolis. Non-wedding events are also handled on a straight-fee-plus-reimbursement schedule.

If youíre interested in my photography services, call me or email me at to arrange an appointment to view more samples of my work and discuss details. Thanks, CF

And now for a small gallery, which really needs to be updated with more recent work:

Black-and-white or sepia can give a timeless feel to your moments. I love outdoor work, but I also do studio portraits for that glam mood.  Stunning, Dahhhling! Kids and pets can really shine in informal outdoor settings, although I always bring backdrops along.

Holly (aka Lori) walking the walk in her new green bedlah set.

Yep, that's our gal Holly (aka Lori), in one of the most dramatic poses of dance. Imagine this in half-tones as the background of a dancer's business card.  I bring multiple cloth backdrops in my photoshoot bag to coordinate with subjects' changes of outfit.

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Nat, in a bedlah set I custom-made.  See my dance page for Toledo area belly dancing and costume info.