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Wednesday Dec. 14, 2005   Next update: soon?


The end of the hiatus is near!  Read the comic space below for details on how GBC might be continuing, if I can make it happen (with any help I can get).  or AIM: GettingByNet or Skype: GettingByNet


Yes, GBC will return shortly after 2006 starts. Since we last talked, I:

1. Drove from Toledo, OH to Silicon Valley, CA with two cats and all the really important stuff (cameras, computers, cats, and jewelry and legal documents).  Yes, he got the job.  Yes, he loves it. Yes, I took many photos along the way, some of which youíll be seeing.

2. Dealt with movers, who will be delivering to the new digs this Saturday.  Iím currently in a hotel with in-room net access.  After a week of unpacking, Iíll start my own job hunt.  So if you know anyone who lives or works in the Fremont/Milpitas/San Jose area, I could use some local contacts to just show me around. Remember Julieís sense of direction? That part isnít fiction.  If they can help me network in biotech or other writing/photo-related jobs, so much the better.

3. Got much work done on my stock photo portfolio.  Thereís still a lot to do before submissions, like unpacking my mailing materials, blank CD-Rs, presentation albums, etc.

4. Caught up with a month of reading my fave webcomics.  Iím now downloading the last month of podcasts to catch up with. 

5. Figured out a way for GBC to continue.  Thatís the info youíve really been waiting to read, right?  Itís going to require my finding a minimum of 3-4 artists and maybe a colorist (or 4) so that each artist only needs to draw one strip every other week and as many can be in color as possible.  If any of you wants to draw just backgrounds or just people, be a colorist, or be a letterer, maybe we can arrange some teams.  Iíll probably still do one non-comic per week which may be graphic or audio content.  I think that arrangement can make involvement with GBC easily workable for everyoneís schedule and still go back to the MWF schedule. 

If you feel like sending in an audio clip of a funny real life retail or school horror story to share with the rest of the GBC readership, email it to me at  One-shot guest art?  Great.  A wrong thing in your neighborhood?  Great.  Iím looking for things to use as we get started again.

Iím also looking for a website designer to help me tweak the templates for the comic page and archive, my homepage, my photo business page, and my dance page.  

So please, if you know anyone with any of the above skills, please ask them to read the GBC archives and see if theyíd like an audience.  In addition to exposure of their work and links to their own sites, I can also offer adspace, some webspace for an online resume or whatever non-porn stuff of theirs theyíd like to display, reciprocal photo work, and/or shared profits on any cafepress goods that use their artwork.  Once weíre rolling again, Iíd like to form a GBC Support Club where members get special treats on a weekly basis and the participating artists share in the proceeds.  Itís all negotiable, so ask for a perk if you donít see it listed.  Really! 

To that end, Iíll post to various webcomic communitiesí forums when I have reliable net access in my own digs.  The GBC characters and storyline are important to me and have been represented by my real life friends, so I need to ensure that those peoplesí trust remains honored and that my ability to eventually publish GBC someday remains intact.  Also, I have finished scripts in hand whose art I can manage with photo-based stuff (when my tablet gets unpacked). Iím working on a stockpile of finished scripts for the new artists in the meantime.

If I donít get at least 3 artists, the updating schedule will alter accordingly until I do.  If I donít get any artists after a month or two of trying, the comic will die out.  Iím going to do my best to avoid that.

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide or refer,

Chris Fisher, aka Julie Hunter

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