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July 15, 2004: Hey, we're live!  Welcome to my photo-driven webcomic attempt.   Updates can be expected on a MWF schedule, starting in August.  Right now, I'm just trying to get the site set up and looking presentable.  No, I know I'm not there yet.  ;)

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Many thanks to all who have contributed their faces and support to my humble project.  Now, let's see if she flies.

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About d0001, “Field of Screams”

Art credits: The painted lady in line is from Georges Seurat’s famous work “Something something La Grande Jatte”, which hangs at the Chicago Museum of Art.  You may know it as the “Sunday in the Park with George” painting if you’re of a theatre bent.

Identifiable People credits: The twins are actually a very young Chris Fisher.  Thanks, Dad, for having scanned several of the family’s albums!  In the original picture I was holding a board game box.  No, I never did anything like that as a kid, nor have I actually seen it in a retail setting, but I’m sure some of you have.  You have my sympathies.

This was completed on May 18, 2004 as a proof-of-concept before putting any money into the project that has become Getting By.  I worked on this strip for a full week and learned that Paint is entirely inadequate for this project.  I’ve considered retouching this strip, but I decided to leave it so the later improvements can be appreciated.