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Wednesday Dec. 30, 2005   Next update: soon?


The end of the hiatus is near!  Read the comic space below for details on how GBC might be continuing, if I can make it happen (with any help I can get).  or AIM: GettingByNet or Skype: GettingByNet


Seals at Pier 39 in San Francisco.  Aww!

Progress report:  I've at least looked inside every box, all the furniture is assembled, and net access has been achieved (mrmmm, nummmy wireless network...).  There are a few missing items, like our bed's comforter, that are playing hard-to-find, but luckily we had a spare.

For the last week I've been getting sick/not getting sick on alternating days.  Last night it erupted into what may be strep throat.  Of course our medical insurance cards haven't yet arrived.  Peh.  So we might be heading over to an urgent care center if my fever spikes again tonight.

Also, we've added a telephone computer line (VoIP!) so I can call friends and family despite the 3 or 2 hour time zone difference.  The package arrived about an hour before I lost my voice.

Still, I am making progress on the script stockpile and hope to have more news soon.

Feverishly yours,

Chris Fisher, aka Julie Hunter

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