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2 childfree geek gals discuss literature, sci/geek life, and review some crazy stuff you just might like

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GBC/HI announcements:

Karen's blog is Gsteiger's Gspace, at http://www.happyinsomniackaren.blogspot.com.


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Your hostesses: And now, on with the show... CF's audio picks:
Chris Fisher of GBC. Geekery includes science, photography, writing, comics, anime, ME dance, costumery.
She lives in Toledo, OH, USA with her husband, cats, 2 active sideline businesses, a webcomic, and not enough time for it all.
Show Zero, Our 20 Questions Oct. 5, 2005
   Episode Zero (click the podcast logo for the .mp3 file)

  Your hostesses introduce themselves, test equipment, and then take 4 months to feel ready to air this audio show on a regular basis.  Here for new listeners and as proof that we (let's hope!) have really improved over time.
     Also, heartwarming stories of 80s bangs, band instrument choices, and pertinent life lessons. Karen's David Sedaris book signing review. Chris points out that Gregory Maguire's Mirror, Mirror rocks. How Chris got X-men free. The Jesus busters. Listen to two editors argue about the "-al problem" and admit that "like" is here to stay.
     Oh yeah, we're geeks.

I need 2 or 3 beta-testers who listen to other podcasts and are used to subscribing to RSS feeds so that I can email them and say "did a feed alert show up?" 2 or 3 times in the next 10 days.  I have bribes for volunteers....  ;)

Karen's blog is Gsteiger's Gspace: http://www.happyinsomniackaren.blogspot.com.


Pre-podcast audio rants, etc. Actually, we're not posting those here.  They were good practice, but that's about all.

Fun: Alpha-Shade
Geek Fu Action Grip

2 Minutes Photoshop
I Should Be Writing
Media Artist Secrets
The Secrets
Tips From The Top Floor

Brain Nutrition:

Karen Gsteiger is a former Northwest Indiana "region rat" and currently resides in Chicago with her husband and beloved chinchilla, Rollo.  She is the founder and editor of Happy Insomniac, an online lit mag that specializes in fiction, essays, reviews, poetry, and haikus.  She also has a blog. Karen's lit picks:
First Writer: http://www.firstwriter.com
Writing.com: http://www.writing.com
Chicklit: http://www.chicklit.com
  Oh yeah, and all the visual and audio content on this page is Christine Fisher and Karen Steiger, 2005. All rights reserved. We can find out where you live.