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The archive page: you know, sort of the site's attic or basement where we keep the old comics.  It's a good place to look for any strips you missed.


Getting By Comics: Retail. School. Theatre. Anime. Dance. Life. And the not-recommended dose of sarcasm to get you through the day.

Updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, barring rare and generally pre-announced circumstances.

Litazia was nice enough to include us in one of her extremely cool Tao of Geeks strips.

So without further ado, the archives of Chapter One and Chapter Two.


Chapter One, d0001 to d0036b.   (R July 15, 2004 to F Dec. 30, 2004)

Originally Posted Date Comic (click on title to go there) Rant (with archived comic)
July 15, 2004 d0001- Field of Screams Welcome by CF
July 20, 2004 d0002- Hellooo? Site update news by CF
July 28, 2004 d0003-Qualifications "
Aug. 2, 2004 d0004 References Ren Faire announcement, CF
Aug. 4, 2004 d0005- Patience "
Aug. 6, 2004 d0006- That's it? Note to Dad, timetable, CF
Aug. 9 +11, 2004 d0007- Then why is she smiling? Renn Faire/ update news, CF
Aug. 13, 2004 d0007a- Happy B-day, Mom! Wishes, CF
Aug. 20, 2004 d0008- Legally insignificant questions Server down, Server down!
Aug. 25, 2004 d0009- What the- ? New Update Schedule, CF
Aug. 27, 2004 d0010- “Just the fumes” ", CF
Aug. 31, 2004 d0011- “And there was much rejoicing” HD: Holly's self-intro.
Sep. 3, 2004 d0011a- The Wrong Things Files #1: Friar Tuck calls in Maid Marian's location to Robin Hood and the Merry Men CF: My crazy life
Sep. 7, 2004 d0012- "An August Breeze" CF
Sep 10+14, 2004 d0012a- The Wrong Things Files #2: CF, Ghira announcement
Sep. 17, 2004 d0012b- "This strip brought to you by the letter R" CF: Happy Pirate's Day, everybody!
Sep. 21, 2004 d0013- "Noises" CF re: photoshop, Emily
Sep. 24, 2004 d0013a- The Wrong Things Files #3: Truth in Advertising Taken Too Far CF: 1 weekend to go
Sep. 27, 2004 d0014- "Faire Lessons" CF: Now, for sleep
Oct. 1, 2004 d0015- "Sunday, Sunday..." CF: Clarie's mistake
Oct. 5, 2004 d0015a-"'Cos I love him" CF:Good day at our house
Oct. 8, 2004 d0016- "Welcome, Fall TA's!" CF: RvB info and THE GB COMICS FORUM IS UP
Oct. 12, 2004 d0017- "'Twas the Night Before Classes" CF: Opera cartoon review.
Oct. 15, 2004 d0017a- "Heroes" CF: C. Reeve tribute
Oct. 19, 2004 d0018- "Welcome to Intro Lab,Section Hell" CF: Logo, links button, & Dr. Devious
Oct. 22, 2004 d0018a- The Wrong Things Files #4: Parking Punishment CF
Oct. 26, 2004 d0019- The twelve weeks of the semester CF
Oct. 29, 2004 d0020- Sunday Halloween Blues CF Rant against HD failure
Nov. 2, 2004 d0021- Election Day CF- Cafepress store! SWAG!
Nov. 5, 2004 d0022- Touring hell, step 1 Holly: dating
Nov. 9, 2004 d0023-Tour of hell, the miasma (2) CF- apology on 10am strip
Nov. 12, 2004 d0023a- The Lab Song CF-Leaving the thesis behind
Nov. 16, 2004 d0024- Tour of hell, Down by the River(3) Rollo's diary: the vet
Nov. 19, 2004 d0024a- The Wrong Things Files #5: No Pants Day in the Field CF: Thanksgiving travels
Nov. 23, 2004 d0025- Tour of Hell: Back of the line (4) CF: Photoshop CS
Nov. 25, 2004 d0026-Thanksgiving night Mary: Black Friday
Nov. 29, 2004 d0026a: The Wrong Things Files #6: Appropriate Costume Choices CF: CS installation
Dec. 1, 2004 d0027: Minor installation adventures (an aside) CF: Stone computer T-you
Dec. 3, 2004 d0028: Tour of hell: Labyrinth (5) CF: Charity event invite
Dec. 6, 2004 d0028a: The Wrong Things Files #7: Pineapple Upside Down Cake CF: Cafepress report
Dec. 8, 2004 d0029: Tour of hell: Mistaken Identity (6) CF: progress and BCX button
Dec. 10, 2004 d0030: Tour of hell: The Musical (7) CF: Swag and advice column
Dec. 13, 2004 d0031: Tour of hell: Poor Communications Skills (8) CF: "
Dec. 15, 2004 d0032: Tour of hell: The Blinding Light (9) CF: Buzzcomix and TCAW forum
Dec. 17, 2004 d0032a: The Wrong things Files #8: You-ah keep using that word CF: Sanity Day of Rest
Dec. 19, 2004 d0033: Tour of hell: The Front Line (9) CF: Secret Santa, Xmas schedule, Anime photo
Dec. 21, 2004 d0034: Full Metal Grading CF: End of teaching
Dec. 23, 2004 d0034a: EWI1.  A guest strip done for Evil Wenches, Inc. CF: Schedule and Santa set-up
Dec. 24, 2004 d0035: The last shopping day of The Season CF: Schedule and holiday cheer
Dec. 24, 2004 d0036: Christmas 2004 CF: "
Dec. 28, 2004 d0036a: Totally cool guest strip from Darken's Komiyan CF: Reflections in an inked mirror, Darken
Dec. 30, 2004 d0036b:Wrong Things Files #9: Smashed Santas CF: Trae's very cool Christmas card




Chapter Two, d0037 to _________ (Jan. 3, 2005- __________)

Originally Posted Date Chapter Two Comics (click on title to go there) Rant (with archived comic)
M Jan. 3, 2005 d0037: G'Mornin' 2005! CF: Nice facelift, neh? Gone horribly wrong.
W Jan. 5, 2005 d0037a: The Wrong Things Files #10: How do you get to the secret lair? Practice, practice, practice!  CF: Site recovery progress: Usable archives.
F Jan. 7, 2005 d0038: Tune for a Tiny Violin CF: Site recovery and next week
T Jan. 11, 2005 d0038a: The Wrong Things Files #11: Part of this Nutritious Breakfast  Mary: Committee story
R. Jan. 13, 2005 d0039: Again? Holly: Coworker advice for illness.
M. Jan. 17, 2005 d0040: Meeting Igor Photo: Ohayocon crew Sunday
W.Jan. 19, 2005 d0040a: The Wrong Things Files #12: Does that come factory-installed? Ohayocon combo, Google box
F. Jan 21, 2005 d0041: Prethenth Attack Ohayocon report,Tastes Like Irony
M. Jan 24, 2005 d0041A: A great many birthdays, including mine. CF: The birthday report
W Jan 26, 2005 d0042: The Answers to Life... General geekiness and 42
F. Jan. 28, 2005 d0043: Monthly Report Review CF: Links added
M. Jan 31, 2005 d0043a: The Wrong Things Files #13: Professional Wang Skills CF: Dance and Links added
W. Feb. 2, 2005 d0044: At last, it is ours... CF: Horrible names and the Eye Toy
F. Feb. 4, 2005 d0045: A suspect invitation CF: Sitestuff, ClanBob, and thanks
M. Feb. 7, 2005 d0046:A suspect invitation(2): I don't believe in curses, I just believe in me.  CF: Sitestuff and a very odd link
W. Feb. 9, 2005 d0047: A suspect invitation (3): A vacant horizon  CF: Overheard oddities
F. Feb 11, 2005 d0048: A suspect invitation (4): Front-end weeding CF: Spyware and time woes
M. Feb 14, 2005 d0049: A suspect invitation (5): Valentine's Day 2005 CF: RL and PvP tribute
W Feb. 16, 2005 d0050: The Bob is Strong in This One CF: ClanBob's newest member.
F. Feb. 18, 2005 d0050a:A Taste of Charity CF: Superman link and a teaser
M. Feb. 21, 2005 d0050b: Jedi Dumping CF: GB Club demo
W Feb. 23,2005 d0051: Keymaker, Gatekeeper CF: Monday is fixed, hi Mom.
F Feb.25, 2005 d0052: The Return of the Bob CF: Congrats to the Bobs
M Feb 28, 2005 d0053: Stuck in the Middle Ground CF: Oscars and YoyoMa.
W Mar 2, 2005 d0054: A Matter of Motivations CF: Incentives, Paint, and Twinkies
F. Mar 4, 2005 d0054a: The Wrong Things Files #14: Sir, that's not a parking spot CF: Dance and W&G trailer
M. Mar 7, 2005 d0054b: Things that don't add up. CF: airbrush makeup and Halo Q
W. Mar 9, 2005 d0055: Igor's Messenger (1) CF: Halo explained and kitty pic
F. Mar 11, 2005 d0056: Igor's Messenger (2) CF: Sick again.
M. Mar 14, 2005 d0057: Good Ideas Gone Wrong #1: Pet Playtime  CF: Voting incentive and DT store
W Mar 16, 2004 d0058: Igor's Messenger (3) CF: Voting, DT store, and grouse.
F. Mar 18, 2005 d0059: Igor's Messenger (4) CF: Wizzywigs Cosplay, thesis.
M Mar 21, 2005 d0060: Igor's Messenger (5) CF: New vote incentive, new link
W Mar 23, 2005 d0060a: The Wrong Things Files #15: Does It Lay Golden Eggs? CF: Cone season, vote incentive
F Mar 25, 2005 d0061: Igor's Messenger, conclusion. CF: New ad button, new characters
M Mar 28, 2005 d0061a: Happy Easter 2005! CF: New banner, bcx problem
W Mar 30, 2005 d0062: Acronyms of Love (1): Fishing for Freaks CF: Happy Birthday, Dad! bcx fixed
F. Apr 1, 2005 d0063: Studio Grading CF: AIM, IRS, and bcx
M Apr 4, 2005 d0064: Acronyms of Love (2): Dates of Separation CF: Wizzywigs, 9E, Sin City, bcx
W Apr 6, 2005 d0064a: The Wrong Things Files #16: The relaxing, romantic smell of burning coffee... CF: Superman, smoke bombs, and backpay congratulations.
F Apr 8, 2005 d0065: Acronyms of Love (3): The First Wave CF: Rollo DST, bcx thanks.
M Apr 11, 2005 d0066: Unexpected Installation (1): Durer CF: Bday, Cute, progress update.
W. Apr 13, 2005 d0067: Unexpected Installation (2): Some background CF: Kawaii, site stuff, and tribute.
F. Apr 15, 2005 d0067a: The Wrong Things Files #17: Born to be Mild CF: MT, article, tribute.
M Apr 18, 2005 d0068: Unexpected Installation (3): Second Thoughts CF: writing/photo news, incentive
W Apr 20, 2005 d0069: Acronyms of Love (4): First Catch CF: buzz snafu, article, portraits
F Apr 22, 2005 d0070: Unexpected Installations (4): Think inside the boxes CF: Week's and weekend's tasks
M Apr 25, 2005 d0071: Unexpected Installations (5): Third thoughts CF: SWGIS for bcx, welcome!
W Apr 27, 2004 d0072: Unexpected Installations (6): Who you gonna blame? CF: Bonus comic, karen website
F Apr 29, 2005 d0073: Acronyms of Love (5): Presentation... check! CF: " DUB THIS!
M May 2, 2005 d0074: Acronyms of Love (6): Scrambled Dubs CF: "" concludes
W May 4, 2005 d0074a: The Wrong Things Files #18: (migration) CF: Cones and links
F May 6, 2005 d0075: Rotating Hell (1): Day 1  CF: Weather.... bah.
M May 9, 2005 d0075a: Happy Mother's Day 2005 CF: Lung stuff and Acen
W May 11, 2005 d0076: Rotating Hell (2): Day 2 CF: ACEN and schedule.
F May 13, 2005 d0077: Rotating Hell (3): Day Three CF: Virus, ACEN, Schedule.
T May 17, 2005 d0078: Rotating Hell (4): Day Three, continued. CF: Acen report, buzz skipping
W May 18, 2005 d0079: Rotating Hell (5): Days Three and Four: Blurry around the Edges CF: Acen2, buzz gone, new links
F May 20, 2005 d0080: Rotating Hell (6): Day Five: First Encounters of the Grad Kind CF: Acen3, voting system changing
M May 23, 2005 d0081: SWRotC: The Arc Begins CF: angels, poster, Ep3 delay
W May 25, 2005 d0081a: The Wrong Things Files #19: ESP Utilities CF: AA2, auto haiku, new swag, TWC#1
F May 27, 2005 d0082: SWRotC (2): Strange Awakenings CF: Auto haiku resolved, ""
M May 31, 2005 d0083: SWRotC (3): Irregular Scheduling Goes Awry CF: Holiday, Ep3, TWC#2
W June 1, 2005 d0084: SWRotC (4):Inner spaces CF: Upcoming vend, photostuffs.
F June 3, 2005 d0084a: The Wrong Things Files #20: Please don't wrestle the fruit CF: Vend, schedule, photostuffs.
M June 6, 2005 d0085: SWRotcC (5): Garbled Transmissions CF: Vend, storm, schedule
W June 8, 2005 d0086: SWRotC (6): From a neighborhood far, far away... CF: American Bellydancer, TWC
F June 10, 2005 d0086a: The Wrong Things Files #21: Fun Stuff I Saw on Toledo Roads. CF: Vend, schedule, etc.
T June 14, 2005 d0087: SWRotC (7): Imperial Orderliness CF: Stuff.  Y'know. A rant.
W June 15,2005 d0088: SWRotC (8): A Hot Cuppa Jedi CF: Late. Talk later.
F June 17, 2005 d0089: SWRotC (9): Footsteps in the Grease CF: Oojami and CRASH!
M Jun 20, 2005 d0089a: Happy Father's Day 2005 Nat's intro, Fr's day, CRASH res.
W Jun 22, 2005 d0090: SWRotC (10): Terrors of the Past CF: Red String, Thom, JAFAX.
F Jun 24, 2005 d0091: SWRotC (11): Angels and Demons  CF: Illness alert and the above
M Jun 27, 2005 d0091a: The Wrong Things Files #22: Sunday at the Meat'n'Malt CF: S*P, Bday, and new bonus.
W Jun 29, 2005 d0092: SWRotC (12): Slippery as a Bantu's pod axle CF: ""
F July 1, 2005 d0093: SWRotC (13): Oily aftermath CF: EIN spam, ads, etc.
M July 4, 2005 d0093a: Happy Independence Day 2005  CF: Happy 4th!
W July 6, 2005 d0094: End of an Arc (Yay!)   CF: Old firecrackers- anybody?
F July 8, 2005 d0095: All for Nought? CF: "", and a SFRevu link
M July 11, 2005 d0096: Preciousssss?  CF: Song rang, bonus comic.
W July 13, 2005 d0097: Re-introducing... Max? CF: Warnings of potential doom!
F July 15, 2005 d0097a: The Wrong Things Files #23: Practical Joke Waiting to Happen.... CF: 1 year!!! and a contest!!!
M July 18, 2005 d0097b: The First GBC- Field of Screams, redrawn by Gina Biggs CF: Gina Biggs/Red string
W July 20, 2005 d0097c: The 2nd GBC- Hellooo? Redrawn by Caroline Curtis  CF: Caroline/ 9th Elsewhere
F July 21, 2005 d0097d: The 3rd GBC- Qualifications, redrawn by Abigail and Chris CF: Abigail, and Sarah Zero
M July 25, 2005 d0098: What I did on my Summer Vacation CF: Thanks and Contest!!!
W July 27, 2005 d0099: Under-Funded Four CF: link and reminder
F July 29, 2005 d0100: Fast Forward Returns CF: Contest reminder
M Aug. 1, 2005 d0101: Spinning in Circles (Consumer Science 101) CF: Late night, new bonus.
W. Aug. 3, 2005 d0101a: The Wrong Things Files #24: Labels that Should have been unneccessary. CF: trip report, dance event
F Aug 5, 2005 d0102: Sagara Sanosuke Surprise, part 1 CF: Everybody Hates Me?
M Aug 8, 2005 d0103: WLSR Hotline CF: Wanna Naaappp!
W Aug 10, 2005 d0103a:The Wrong Things Files #25: You won't find any new cars masqueradin' as used on this lot, no sirree... CF: Trust the octopus. Tako!
F Aug 12, 2005 d0103b: The Wrong Things Files #26:  To seal in that great "new sock" smell CF: Rough patch.
M Aug 15, 2005 d0103c: Happy Birthday Mom! CF: 2 Strips this week
W Aug 17, 2005 d0103d: How to find Chris at Otakon CF: Need feedback!
T Aug 22, 2005 d0103e: The Otakon 2005 report CF: Otakon info.
R Aug. 24, 2005 d0103f:Untouched pics from the new digital camera CF: audio rant 2
T Aug. 30, 2005 d0104: whew, finally! CF: New index look!
R Sept. 1, 2005 d0104a: The Wrong Things Files #27: In one very Wrong Week in Toledo CF: Job hunt update.
T Sept. 6, 2005 d0105: Is anybody in charge here? CF: We got ooonnnne!
R Sept. 8, 2005 d0105a: For your use at work, school, or home CF: Lots of news
M Sept. 12, 2005 d0105b: Wrong Things Files #28: Another odd week in Toledo CF: Junto!
W Sept. 14,2005 d0105c: Neat Shots #3, Toledo Metroparks CF: Audio day!
F Sept. 16, 2005 d0106: Distance Learning Labs CF: Layout probs... ideas?
M Sept 19, 2005 d0107:Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day 2005 CF: Arrrr!
W Sep 21, 2005 d0107a- The Wrong Things Files #29: Once upon a time... CF: wha?
F Sept 23, 2005 d0107b- Biiig Kittty.... CF: er?
M Sep 26, 2005 d0107c- The Wrong Things Files #30: With portable power comes... ? CF: Pah!
W Sep 28, 2005 d0107d- Audio Wednesday! CF: Custer and tech support
F Sep 30, 2005 d0108: Minor discoveries abound CF: Serenity
M Oct 3, 2005 d0108a: Neat shots day CF: Serenity and funny link
W Oct. 5, 2005 d0108b: Episode 000 of the podcast! Woot! Podcast!!
F Oct. 7, 2005 d0108c: Happy birthday to my husband  
M Oct. 10, 05 d0108d: Hiatus announcement Sniffle....
W Dec 14, 05 d0108e: End of GBC hiatus announcement. Current index page Hope! and a new state.