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Advertising details- last updated June 22, 2005

So, you've decided to support this modest little effort by advertising on our site in exchange for money or trade goods.  That's wonderful! 

In May the site had over 2700 unique hits, and our readership is still growing by leaps and bounds!

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Put this link button on your site (let us know, please!  It'll be welcome news!)

Prop or photo help also appreciated.  Ask!

  1. Place your banner ad on top of the comic pages for that week: $2.00 per week. Our layout support both the 468 x 60  and 728x90 pixel banner ads.
  2. Place your tower ad where the expense graph lives.  This 160 x 600 pixel space gives your message a lot more space! $2.00 per week.
  3. Ad Package deal! Buy two space-weeks for $3.00.  Either two ads at once or schedule two separate weeks and save 25%. 
  4. Dedication strips: Take over the strip with your baby, birthday, holiday, engagement, retirement, or graduation announcement.  $10.00 for the 600 x 800 pixel space, included in the archives. For example, see ClanBob's baby announcement.

If you donít have artwork for your banner ad or dedication strip and want me to create it, we can discuss the details over email.  Pricing will depend on complexity and whether or not I already have the required photos, but expect $5-10 as an average price.

If you have the idea of trading for ad space, let's discuss it!  Barter is a wonderful thing.  Iím looking for advertising space on applicable sites, costumery and props, anime (but no pirated stuff), and a whole list of other things to be found here. Otherwise, I accept paypal payments.  Sorry, but I don't give out my address, not even to receive checks!

Now for the legal disclaimers: I reserve the right to refuse any ad for any or no reason (legalese for no adult-oriented or spam site ads, basically).  I also reserve the right to pull ads at my discretion without refund of advertisement or donation.  In other words, donít bother to buy an ad and then change the link to some offensive spamlike site and think Iíll be either leaving it up or refunding your payment.  Not gonna happen.