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About Contact Chris Fisher
Welcome to the About/Contact Information page of the CF Creative Services website. Unsurprisingly, this page lists ways to contact Chris Fisher of CF Creative Services and tells you more about her and her work.

Contact Information:

Email: Chris-at-gettingby.net and replace "-at-" with "@". Just trying to reduce my spam level. Those crawler bots are evilly well-designed.

Studio Phone: 510-402-4888 and leave a message

AIM: GettingByNet
Skype: GettingByNet

To reach the cat pictured to the left and on the index page, send your message to Chris, who will read or play your missive to Perry, a loving but neurotic kitty.

About the artist (adapted from reviewer's microbio at sfrevu.com’s contributor page):
Chris Fisher lives with her husband, two cats, and a lime tree in Newark, California. Shedding her disguise as a suit-wearing day-job-seeker, Chris transforms into a mutant cross between writer Clark Kent and photographer Peter Parker. Regrettably, she did not inherit any superpowers. Her recent freelance writing and photography can be found online and in Adam's Street Publications, local living rooms, and wedding albums across the country. When not battling comma misusage and distracting visual elements as a freelancer writer and photographer, Chris enjoys hiking, anime and manga, Middle Eastern dance, costumery, eating, and cooking.

Fave authors: Lois McMaster Bujold, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, RobinMcKinley, and David Weber.
Fave photographers: Anne Liebowitz, John Shaw, David Muench.

Other Projects:
For thirteen months, Chris entertained roughly 3,000 people with her photo-based serial Getting By Comics. This wry look at retail employment, graduate school, and the attempt to maintain sanity in the face of John Q. Public has proven cheaper than therapy or a Photoshop class. She is a proud survivor of 3 years in the public library, 4 Christmas seasons at Things Remembered, and 5.5 years of post-graduate work at the Indiana school of Medicine and the University of Toledo Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology. This project was closed as Chris prepared to move from Toledo, Ohio to Alameda County, CA. The time once spent on the comic is now being spent on rebuilding her photography and writing freelance business, CF Creative Services. Unless a cartoonist steps forward, the project is not expected to resume.

Chris has plans for a bimonthly podcast, but the topic will remain a surprise until she produces a few initial episodes. This is expected to happen in April 2006 on the blog page she is currently constructing.

All content of this website Copyright 2006 Christine Fisher.  All rights reserved.  That means no borrowing, using, or stealing any of it for any reason without my permission. Luckily, you can ask for permission here.