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Updated July 20, 2005- This part of the GB Comics site is scheduled to start in fall 2005, I'm vaguely guessing around Halloween time.  I'd like to give some incentives to readers who might be willing to help support the hosting fund!

Hire Chris as a photographer

This is going to work much like the Dr. Demento annual membership package.  Membership dues will be  $5 for 6 months, and as thanks, I'll set up at least one nice little extra each month: screensavers, extra strips that don't appear at the regular site, images for postcards or door signs, forum avatars, screensavers, that sort of thing.  Club members will also receive significant discounts on either ad design or ad space for ads, dedication strips.  They will also get discounts on the design of promotional pieces like fliers or signs for clubs, events, etc. that don't get posted on the GBC site.

People who support GBC by enrolling in 1 year memberships ($10) will get something extra-nice when they sign up.  I have a few ideas...

Order a Bellygram (Toledo area only)
Advertise with us, either in or above the strip

Put this link button on your site (let us know, please!  It'll be welcome news!)

I'm not ready for this phase of GBC yet, but I am taking requests for the extras you'd most like to see.  At the moment, I'm thinking that all the goodies will be digital.

Dues can be paid via Paypal only (donate button, left) or see my trade list. All monies received will go directly to the hosting fund.  Sorry, my snail addy does not go out, and I donít have a PO Box. 

Prop or photo help

Suggestions? Questions? Just ask!